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Gift cards

Cards are the best gift for holidays and special occasions! With this card you can make purchases in our stores as well as online orders. You can order cards of any denomination starting from 100 AZN.

Users’ guide to rules and regulations of a gift card:

  • After having purchased the gift card from our web-site or one of our physical stores, you may proceed to use it in the purchase location.
  • The gift card operates with an expiration period of 1 (one) year, the countdown of which starts the moment the said card is purchased.
  • The gift card may only be used for purchase purposes, it does not imply cash-out, refund, or cash-in activities.
  • The products purchased via a gift card are subject to the usual exchange and return rules. The products may be exchanged and returned within 14 days after being purchased; in the case of product return you may receive your gift card back with return amount in balance (if the said card hasn’t expired by that time).
  • Should the price of a desired product be below the dignity of your gift card, the leftover amount will be added back to your gift card balance after the purchase is complete.
  • Should the price of a desired product be above the dignity of your gift card, the insufficient amount may be topped up by cash or cashless payment means. You may only use 1 (one) gift card for 1 (one) purchase.
  • “Sinteks” LLC and stores do not bear responsibility for the lost or damaged (broken, scratched, cracked, or impossible to use) gift card.
  • Purchase and use of the gift card is equivalent to consent with its rules and regulations.
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